Ruby Fields Took Over Triple J Unearthed With Her Debut Single, ‘I Want’
It's here!
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When Ruby Fields uploaded her debut single ‘I Want’ to Triple J Unearthed last week, she probably wasn’t expecting the overwhelming reception that’s swarmed the station since.

Within 24 hours, her Triple J Unearthed was viewed over 30,000 times, while this post shows how quickly the track spread like wildfire. Now, ‘I Want’ has been uploaded to Spotify and iTunes for us to spin once more. It’s clear that Ruby’s down-to-earth nature is resonating with listeners across the country, and the tune is packed with adolescent angst, hearty riffs and a youthful energy that’s impossible to deny. ‘I Want’ won’t only get the head nodding, it’ll kickstart the dancefloor and sing-a-longs with conviction.

Not bad for a first effort, hey? Ruby will be performing at The Blurst Of Times festival in Brisbane later this month alongside Skegss, Royal Headache, Green Buzzard and more – listen to ‘I Want’ below and be prepared to hear this name a lot more in the near future:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au April 12, 2017
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