Sam Bluer Drops Video For Banging Debut Track ‘Shift’
Get ready to move.
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The Melbourne-based artist is getting us pumped for the weekend with his newest track ‘Shift.’

You know those kind of tunes that make you dance uncontrollably, even if you don’t want to? That’s just what EDM wizard and singer-songwriter Sam Bluer has gifted us today with his ultra-sexy, futuristic debut single ‘Shift.’

The tune which was written with the help of popster Maribelle and produced by YAAK and Tigerilla, tackles a tricky subject with a bit of tongue and cheek. “We wrote it about ending a relationship and not wanting something serious,” Sam laughs. “With my music I always want to talk about things that make people feel a bit awkward. Topics that aren’t super comfortable to sit down face-to-face and talk to someone about.”

It’s a strong first glimpse of the budding artist who was signed to tastemaker Nick Kelly’s label Night High Records after a stint in an LA recording studio and we’re super keen to hear more from him – evenif it means more impromptu dancing sessions at the office.


Words by Harry Webber May 10, 2018
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