Slim Set Return With A Booming New Track ‘Warrang’ Featuring Shady Nasty
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Words by Declan Whelan // Images by Hyun Lee // Cover Art by Chris Yee

The experimental hip-hop duo from Western Sydney come correct following up their 2018 underground anthem ‘Cooked’.

Reflecting on Sydney, a city feeling the strain and pressure of over-development, MC Kal introduces the concept with an almost spoken-word cadence before finding full flight around the one minute mark. Where his unorthodox and infectious flow cuts through DJ Atro’s airtight production, Shady Nasty frontman, Kevin DW, delivers a heavy handed hook to drive home the song’s key message. “Every nationality under the sun, copping a piece of the red one.” 

On the song, MC Kal said: “Warrang is the indigenous name for Sydney. The track is an ode to the little details that make up this city: train carriages packed with hi-vis clad tradies, fibro homes in the Western suburbs, kicking back with friends in Chinatown. It’s easy to lose sight of the small things under the boom of new apartments and scaffolding.”  

The clip for ‘Warrang’ was co-directed, shot and edited by frequent collaborator, Sejon Im, alongside Slim Set, and Luca Watson, the drummer from Shady Nasty. In celebrating Sydney’s unique character amidst the hustle and bustle, bulldozers and bitumen, the video sees the boys visit Sydney’s iconic Flemington Markets, pack out a Sydney train carriage and get loud in a chaotic collage of clips.

Put this in your ‘songs to get noisy to’ playlist and check out the video for ‘Warrang’ below:

Words by Declan Whelan October 10, 2019
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