Smoking Weed And Listening To Music, We Chat To The Man With The World’s Greatest Job
What’s up stoners?
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We caught up with B.G. Goodrich, the host of our favourite stoner music show.

The formula for Local Band Smokeout is pretty simple. Bands send in their music, the shows host, presses play, then he listens to the tune whilst punching cones, smoking joints and vaping away in his studio. Each episode is as long as the song is, plus about 30 seconds, and to this day there’s been over 1050 instalments.

There’s undoubtedly something comforting about the show. Maybe it’s host B.G. Goodrich, maybe it’s just watching someone get high, maybe it’s watching someone being openly passionate about music. Who knows? Who cares? Whatever the reason is, you can’t help but feel the underlying warmth as, say, some Norweigan metal is blasting from your computer.

As you’ll learn from the interview below, one of the major motivating factors for B.G. is to give acts free promotion, and it seems a lot of Australian acts have taken him up on it. From hip-hop to screamo, Aussie artists have made up roughly 50% of the featured music over the last 100 episodess. It makes sense that we are looking to other means of publicity, given triple j’s dominant overseeing of the youth market (plus it’s simply pretty rad to be featured).

We spoke to B.G. to get a behind the scenes look at the show, check it out below. And if you’re into what he’s putting down you can support Local Band Smokeout on their GoFundMe here. Spark it up:

Firstly, I read somewhere that you are a retired singer is that true. What sort of music did you/do you play? Why’d you retire?

It is, and isn’t true. I used to be a screamer/singer in a hip hop/rock group called H.I.T.M. – That group broke up a while back. Very very rarely will I do vocals anymore. It was just time to focus on something else.

Smoking weed, listening to music, and promoting bands – hosting ‘Local Band Smokeout’ sounds like the greatest gig of them all. How’d you come up with the idea?

One day I thought to myself, why don’t I film myself smoking weed whenever I come into the studio. I have a 2 year old son, so I gotta go in a different room to smoke. It dawned on me, and I pitched it to some buddies who thought the idea was complete garbage. That made me want to do it even more.

You’ve had acts from all over the world submit music to you, why do think bands like being played on LBS?

I think bands outside of the USA for some reason get an extra kick from people in the states hearing their music. Just as I do when I find out I have viewers outside the states. Plus I think bands loves free exposure and that’s what I love to give them.

Do you have a favourite strain of weed? Do certain strains go better with certain genres?

Great question!!!! I don’t really have a favorite strain and to be honest I don’t really care if im smoking an Indica or Sativa. But I will tell you though, that a body melting Indica OG goes great with some heavy metal!

I’ve seen you smoke bongs, spliffs, and vapes. Do you have a preferred pipe or combination of pipes?

The bong you usually see me smoking out of in episodes is my favorite, but I do love busting out the six joints at once device. That is always fun.

You recently cracked 1000 episodes, how did it feel to reach that milestone? What have you learnt over you 1000 episodes?

It felt amazing. It felt like a load off my shoulders for some reason, like there is no milestone after this. I’ve learnt that all music is beautiful, sometimes you have to just find the beauty in it. Its really easy to be mean and unkind to bands that submit not so amazing music, but you can’t do that. Every band starts somewhere, and some just need a bit of positive criticism to be steered in the right direction.

How many episodes can you do in a day?

The most ive ever done is eight in one day, but I could probably beat that if I pushed myself. The hard thing when doing that is, the ninth episode would be extremely foggy haha, as each episode gets harder to shoot than the last.

You’ve got a GoFundMe for the page going at the moment. How has the response to that been?

In the last 48 hours I’ve had a huge amount of support come in! I can’t believe it. I really appreciate all the support.

What does the future hold for LBS? What is your dream expansion of the show?

Well im hoping to eventually take this to a full time show where i can just shoot episodes everyday. It would be amazing if a bigger time show or podcast picked it up, and we could get a small crew and better camera going, maybe a sweet post production computer graphics guy haha. I’m always open to new ideas! This way fun, thanks!

Words by Harry Webber March 22, 2019
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