Sunscreen X Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds
Performing ‘Voices’.
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We chat with indie-rockers Sunscreen for the sixth and final instalment of Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds.

It would be fair to say that in the months since the release of their 2017 debut EP, Just A Drop, Sydney four-piece Sunscreen have been riding a swelling wave of success. Amassing tens of thousands of streams, performing at Bigsound, and playing a bunch shows up and down the East Coast is a big achievement off the back of an introductory record, albeit one of the brightest to come out of Sydney in a while.

The good news for fans is they’re currently working on a collection of new tunes for your listening pleasure, though they aren’t certain what form it will take just yet. “Yeah, we have lots of material, and we were leaning towards an album at first, but now we’re thinking we might do another EP,” singer/guitarist Sara Sykes says just after their Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds performance. “I guess mainly because we’re dying to get some stuff out. An EP is obviously a shorter project and easier to do.”

Delivering a spicy version of fan favourite ‘Voices’ for Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds, it’s clear that Sunscreen’s left of centre approach to songwriting is paying massive dividends. Though rocking out in the sauna elicited various responses from the group.

“Hot and sweaty,” Sarah says.

“It was very loud,” Alex says.

“But, very relaxing at the same time,” laughs Sarah.

You can catch Sunscreen playing next at The Psyched As 1000, November 11th (info here), and stay tuned for more news on those recordings!




Words by Harry Webber November 7, 2018
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