Watch: The Growlers Steamy Man On Mannequin Action In New Vid ‘Dreamworld’
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All images by Taylor Bonin //

The Californian indie-rockers are taking plastic relationships to a new level.

Hitting the beach in Malibu, before stopping in at Chinatown, swanning around Hollywood and catching a live band is a pretty good date in our opinion, and it turns out Heather the doll feels the same. She plays the lead role in The Growlers latest clip opposite singer Brooks Nielsen, and we have to say, their chemistry is palpable.

With their latest single ‘Dreamworld’ – a typically infectious country(ish) croonfest – humming along in the background, the duo enjoy the activities mentioned above in a deserted California, with the world in lockdown at the time of filming. It’s one of those times where making the best of a bad situation wields some very cool results.

“Coronavirus forced us to be creative,” Nielsen says of the clip which was directed by Taylor Bonin. “We needed to tap into something and make our own dream world. I knew we were gonna get lucky. I’m just a believer in trying, and we had fun filming it together, cracking up but also pulling it off.” Check the video below and try not to get swept up by this on-screen romance.

We’ve reached out to Heather for a comment but are yet to hear back. In the meantime, stream/buy the track right here and check out some pics from the shoot below:

Words by Harry Webber June 26, 2020
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