‘Tour Tales’ Ep#1 Narla Share Their Epic “Zombie Man” Story
Presented by Dead Man’s Fingers.
Music 6m

Video by Jay Grant //

We teamed up with Dead Man’s Fingers, a new Spiced Rum brand that’s just landed on Aussie shores, for a new series looking at musicians tales from the road. So pour yourself a drink, strap yourself in and listen up.

Can you imagine yourself hopping in and out of vans and venues, playing shows and partying, all with your best mates? Can you see yourself living that “glamorous” rock and roll lifestyle? It’s the dream on paper, but the reality is you’re jumping in a van to play, skipping showers and meals, and hoping a crowd shows up to your gig. It can be a real slog but guaranteed you’ll have some hilarious stories for your trouble.

Here, we have the very first episode of our new Tour Tales series, in which Sydney psych lords Narla share a tale about a zombie-like character they encountered when travelling to play at a doof. After a couple of Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum cocktails, the tale popped out and bit us right on the funny bone.


Words by Harry Webber November 28, 2019
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