Unidentified Electro Artist Merchant Drops Banging Post-Apocalyptic Debut EP
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All we really know about Merchant is we like the music on his/her debut Beyond The Walls’ EP.

Welcome to the world of electronic artist Merchant. It is a largely wordless world (unless you count heavy breathing) where beats and synthesizers have taken over and replaced humans after a long winded battle for control of the planet. That’s about all the information we can garner from the three tracks on Beyond The Walls – the debut EP from ultra mysterious character.

It would appear that Merchant, who describes him/herself as “a rogue survivor of the sands of time,” is trading in saucy beats and peddling swirling dark hooks, and perhaps he/she has excess stock and is looking to jettison remaining supplies as we begin the new financial year. Or, perhaps the name ‘Merchant’ is merely a tokenistic moniker and has nothing to do with riding the economic highs and lows of our capitalist society. Who knows?

What we can tell you is that whatever the Merchant is selling, we’re buying it by the bucketload. Give the EP a spin – before it’s too late.

Words by Harry Webber July 6, 2018
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