Video: Behind The Scenes With Cosmo’s Midnight At Splendour In The Grass
Relive their set here.
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Video by Jordan Coles // Image by Mitch Lowe

It’s been a busy year for Cosmo’s Midnight.

Having already established themselves as club and festival favourites in Australia, much of Cosmo’s year has been spent solidifying their international presence. A major label deal with RCA in the United States has been supplemented with another tour in the region, and it’s no wonder that Cosmo’s tunes are crossing over with such success: They’re pure, unadulterated fun with generous pop and R&B accents, sometimes arriving with equally charming videos.

When the production twins took the stage at Splendour In The Grass, they received a heroic welcome from the bustling crowd at the Mix Up Stage. We tagged along for the ride, capturing some of their vivacious performance and some backstage thoughts with Cosmo’s Midnight themselves. It’s been just over a fortnight since Splendour passed, but it’s never too soon to relive the memories. Come along for Cosmo’s ride in the video above, and with the duo currently touring throughout Asia before yet another visit to the States, things are looking to get even bigger before their debut album drops.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au August 8, 2017
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