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What So Not is currently halfway through his biggest national tour ever, tackling some of Australia’s more sizeable venues in support of his thrilling album Not All The Beautiful Things.

Still, What So Not is for the children, and he’s taken some time off between his gigs to head back to Cromer, his former high school on the Northern Beaches. On the day, he spoke to current students, gave them a little performance, took selfies and partook in some good ol’ fashioned ping-pong. We love ping-pong. There’s also a cameo from What So Not’s parents (including his stage-diving dad) and the mayor of the Northern Beaches, making this a very official affair:

With Sydney and Brisbane to go, you can catch What So Not on the Beautiful Things tour alongside Chrome Sparks and Kota Banks. Stay in school, but also go to the shows below:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au Photos by Jack Bennett June 28, 2018
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