Video Premiere: Ali Belmont & The Delivery Boy Drop Quintessential 4/20 Anthem ‘Smoke’
Timely visuals from the Melbourne crew.
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Words by Christopher Kevin Au

Seeing as it’s 4:20pm on 4/20, it seems more than appropriate to premiere a hazy weed-smoking anthem coming straight out of the Western suburbs of Melbourne, courtesy of Ali Belmont & The Delivery Boy.

Ali Belmont & The Delivery Boy (also accompanied by their DJ Zach) aren’t exactly subtle in their latest video for ‘Smoke.’ It’s a classic domestic bender situation filled with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle masks, WWF belts, about three entire seasons of Saint Side garments and yep, you guessed it – fat, fragrant blunts.

The visuals are soundtracked by Ali’s smooth bars, nonchalant East Coast production and a slow-burning guitar solo that’ll leave you slumped in your couch for approximately the next seven hours. It’s another chapter in hip-hop’s longstanding love affair with Mary Jane, and a worthy one to keep on repeat for the afternoon. Watch below, where you’ll also find our interview with the trio talking marijuana memories, wrestling and West Melbourne:

Hello Ali Belmont, Zach & The Delivery Boy – Happy 4/20. The inspiration behind ‘Smoke’ is pretty clear – can you take us through your first weed-smoking experience? Was it love at first puff or did it take awhile before you worked it into your routine?

THE DELIVERY BOY: My first experience was late at night in a field near my house with a group of mates. We pigged out on these ridiculously good choc-chip cookies from Aldi and listened to Santana’s ‘Abraxes’ through a shitty phone speaker. It was definitely love at first puff.

ALI BELMONT: Well, my friend who’d been in a relationship for a couple years had just gone through a rough break-up and was feeling impulsive. He was ready to do anything and I jokingly said, “Let’s smoke some weed, cheer you up!” He took it seriously and scored some within a hot minute. After a few failed attempts at rolling it, we found an abandoned couch and took it to Taylors Lakes and just chilled out and smoked the whole lot. I hated every second of it! I felt so sick I remember telling myself I was never going to smoke again… look at me now.

In the video, some of your pals are filmed smoking blunts with a Ninja Turtle mask on. Does wearing a mask enhance the weed experience, and what masks in particular would you recommend?

ALI: The masks don’t enhance anything but the aesthetic of the video – TMNT is my shit though! If I was to choose from the ones used in the ‘Smoke’ video for my own personal endeavours, it would definitely be the bondage mask because I’m a fuckin’ freak.


There is also a lot of Saint Side merchandise in the video. How did you link with the Melbourne crew and form such a strong relationship?

ALI: I was on the lookout for vintage snapbacks to add to my collection. We were at school and I was telling Zach about my quest for snapbacks. Zach, being Zach, did as Zach does AND found this shop called Saint Side on Facebook. That weekend we went over to the store, and have been going back there every weekend since I was 15.

THE DELIVERY BOY: We’re both based out of the same area in Victoria. 3021. St Albans. I was introduced when Ali and I first started making music. Since then, they’ve hosted our debut show, featured us as part of a charity event, and played a set at their annual John Street show and Shine Car & Bike show, which was huge. They’ve been family to us, and have helped build the foundations for everything we’ve done.

Ultimately, we share the goal of highlighting the incredible nature of St. Albans and the surrounding areas, which are suburbs that always get written off with a bad rep from the media and people in general. Truth is, those suburbs have been home to our families, and many, many others that came to Australia to form a new life. The West is home to us, and we want other people to see it for what it really is.


Who has the better beard: Mark Saint Side or Action Bronson?


ALI: I got mad love for Mark and love for Action, but c’mon man, they don’t compete with me. If I had to choose, I’d say Mark. His shits is luscious and smells like sandalwood. Go on, just whisper it to yourself – sandalwood. Nice, isn’t it?

ZACH: Action Bronsolino aka Mr. Baklava aka The Real Young Gawjuz. Ain’t no one wear a beard prettier than him!

There’s a lot of arguments about what the ultimate 4/20 song is, whether that be something from Dr. Dre, Luniz or so forth. What tunes besides ‘Smoke’ do you suggest for 4/20?

ALI: Everything and anything Kid Cudi.

THE DELIVERY BOY: ‘Tubular Bells’ by Mike Oldfield, but you gotta let the whole thing play through. Otherwise, ‘Rumble’ by Link Wray.

ZACH: The Cypress Hill album Los Agrandes Exitos En Espanyol – any song off it.


You have an album coming out titled which is apparently called ‘ILoveAnneHathaway.’ What exactly has drawn you to Anne Hathaway and what can we expect from the full-length?

THE DELIVERY BOY: Love and other drugs.

ALI: Boredom drew me to Anne Hathaway because she was my one true childhood crush. Straight up, Princess Diaries was in my wank bank for years, like, deep into my early adulthood years. Being said, expect some fun, depressing shit from the upcoming album.

Being a rapper who’s into wrestling, which WWE star has the better mic skills: Paul Heyman or The Rock?

ALI: Paul mother-fucking Heyman is the best mother-fucker on the mic in mother-fucking wrestling history, hands mother-fucking down, no one can compete! Plus I fucking hate The Rock. Stone Cold and Chris Jericho for life.



If you could form a tag team with any Australian rapper, who would it be and what would your entrance music sound like?

THE DELIVERY BOY: B-Rent. He’s on some shit people haven’t caught onto yet. Only lights for the intro, no music.

ALI: I’d form a tag team with myself and never tag myself in. The entrance song would sound like me doing metal covers.

How many Brock Lesnar German suplexes is too many for one match?

ALI: Anymore than three is too much, unless you’re Kurt Angle!



What’s on the cards for Ali Belmont and the Keilor Forest crew in 2017?

ALI: Anything is possible with our family, so just keep an eye out. We’re coming Anne Hathaway.

ZACH: Apart from world domination? Trick question, ain’t nothing else that prioritises over that. As long as we got our fans, we good.

THE DELIVERY BOY: Definitely gonna break more things on stage, probably some house appliances. People seem to really enjoy watching us break stuff.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au April 20, 2017
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