Video Premiere: Beau Lightning Channels Tarantino In Clip For Heavy Blues Jam ‘Last Night’
Very cool.
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Steezy, dark and intriguing: Beau Lightning’s ‘Last Night’ video fits the tune like a (driving) glove.

Having released his much talked about debut single ‘Last Night’ towards the end of the year, many of us have been waiting for Beau Lightning to produce a visual accompaniment to the swaggerful blues-rock track. Today, we can confirm that it’s been well worth the wait, with the enigmatic solo man dropping a debut clip that feels more like a noirish short film than an debut independent music video.

Following the story of a mysterious hitman/thug/sociopath reminiscent of Ryan Gosling’s character from the movie Drive, we watch on as he cruises from his motel to the house of his victim in his shiny vintage whip. Beau gives a brooding performance as the antihero, who oozes more cool than a freezer in the desert. The scenery – from a sleazy-looking car park, through to the dried out scrubs – is strongly reminiscent of San Fernando Valley in LA, which was undoubtedly (and fittingly) intended.

“Good friend and creative genius, Matt Shrip, who directed the video, has been helping my creations come to life since we first met in school. I don’t say it to him often enough, but he is bloody talented,” Beau says. “There were probably three months of us throwing ideas back and forth before we settled on this one. I remember saying “I don’t think it will be that hard”, when he was trying to tell me what was involved. I was wrong.”

“There will definitely be more videos to come and we want to create this Beau Lightning universe, almost like a series, where all the music videos or short films reference each other and possibly even follow a storyline.”

You can catch Beau Lightning performing in Adelaide tomorrow night with SODA at the Crown and Anchor (info here), and headlining at The Golden Wattle Saturday (info here).

Words by Harry Webber February 5, 2019
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