Video Premiere: Crocodylus Run An Aqua Aerobics Class In ‘My Love’ Clip
It’s the only exercise you’ll need.
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Sydney three-piece Crocodylus prove that early morning workouts are not only for latte-sipping yuppies in new video for ‘My Love.’

We already knew from our ‘Off The Record’ interview that the Crocodylus lads don’t mind having a bit of a laugh (even if it’s at their own expense) and that’s exactly what they’ve gone for with a little help from their mates The Ruminaters in their new video for surf/punk/workout jam ‘My Love.’

The clip, which was shot by the Croc’s longtime collaborator Jamieson Kerr, highlights the importance the group place on both their music and physical wellbeing as singer Josh Williams leads the band in an early morning exercise class. Let’s face it, we all know that rock and roll and clean living go hand in hand…

“My nickname is Jooz and somehow during the Ruminaters tour we came up with “joozercise.” It’s good to break up long tour drives with some joozercise to lift the spirits,” Josh says. “I don’t even know what jazzercise looks like but the name worked. I’m hoping it catches on so people start doing it at shows!”

Crocodylus are taking ‘My Love’ on the road for a little run of East Coast shows which kicks off with a show this Thursday at the Lansdowne. Not only will you have the opportunity to see a great band but you can also witness the new phenomenon that is Joozercise, as it sweeps through the nation – info here.

Words by Harry Webber May 15, 2018
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