Video Premiere: Enter The Lulu Raes’ Party House In ‘Piece Of Mind’
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Ever wondered what The Lulu Raes get up to in their spare time?

Wonder no more. Today the Sydney indie-rockers have dropped a for their latest single ‘Piece Of Mind’, allowing us to witness them in their natural party habitats. Taken from their forthcoming EP, the tune is relentlessly hooky, with singer Eddie Burton’s raw but melodically impressive vocals contrasting nicely with the slick pop production. It’s energetic party-rock at it’s finest, and we can only imagine how well it will go down with the Lulu faithful on the live circuit.

Directed by Ruben Ward, the clip matches the spirit of the song perfectly. Here, we follow Eddie on the hunt for ah… something… at a house party in a plush seaside mansion. It’s something we can all relate to right? (except for maybe the mansion part). On his journey he encounters the rest of the group acting out their various festive personas, which isn’t much help to Eddie, but is entertaining as all hell for us.

The immediacy of the track, combined with Birdman-styled visuals makes it feel like the fastest three-minute ride of your life, and if you’re anything like us, it’s a ride you be taking over and over. Check it out below and be sure to stay tuned for news on The Lulu Raes shows and new EP, which we’re hoping aren’t too far away!

Words by Harry Webber September 19, 2019
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