Video Premiere: Goldielocks Drops Epic Visuals For Euphoric Banger ‘Dysphoria’
Rollerskating with fate.
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Goldielocks is back in a big way.

It’s been a while between drinks for Canberra-come-Sydney producer Goldielocks. After bursting onto the scene back in 2016 with a series of singles that swayed between slick beats and ethereal soundscapes, things went a little quiet – and now we know why. Listening to his comeback track ‘Dysphoria’ it’s clear he’s been working away at refining his sound, resulting in his strongest work to date.

The tune, which features some huge vocals from Elva Ray, combines a tasty synth line with dark melodic hooks that are inescapably addictive. It feels like the track would be right at home with the likes of Kavinsky and The Chromatics on the soundtrack to the 2011 film Drive. It fits that euphoric vibe, which he says he was striving for.

“I was aiming to make a hybrid between something that instilled a feeling of melancholy but made you feel on top of the world at the same time. There are two voices in the song – the lead, and the warped vocoder voice that gets introduced later on,” Goldielocks says.

“The idea was that in a feeling of dysphoria, the lead voice is slowly breaking away from the second voice throughout the song – representing something that is trying to control you. The end of the song is supposed to represent complete freedom, and liberation from this ‘feeling’ that is influencing you in a negative way.’

Directed by Millicent Malcolm and shot by Liam French, the video captures the juxtaposing forces of the song masterfully. Here, we see our rollerskating protagonist cruising the streets of suburbia with a mysterious dark figure in tow. Check it out below and head here to follow Goldielocks on FB and get the first word when he’s back on the touring circuit. We have a feeling that this one will be massive on the dancefloor…

Words by Harry Webber October 30, 2019
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