Video Premiere & Interview: Airwolf Recruits His Grandparents For ‘The Way It Is’
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Airwolf proves himself to be more than a triple threat with his new single ‘The Way It Is.’

When he’s not photographing under the Airwolf Paradise moniker and running his own creative agency, the Melbourne don enjoys creating beats in the studio – and his latest is an absolute banger. ‘The Way It Is’ features a healthy bassline, irresistible groove and guest vocals from Danish R&B singer Kinck, and now we’re proud to premiere the visuals right here on LWA.

In addition to making the track, Airwolf also produced and directed the video, proving that his skill set is ever expanding and ultra impressive. This time around, he’s literally kept it all in the family, with his cute grandparents being the stars of the clip which follows a regular day inside their home, juxtaposed against the club-ready sounds of ‘The Way It Is.’

Watch the video below, where you’ll also find our interview with Airwolf and the remaining dates for ‘The Way It Is’ tour:

How did you link up with Kinck for ‘The Way It Is’?

Kinck hit me up on SoundCloud like nine months ago, seeing if I dug her work and if I had any tracks that might need some vocals. After I heard her voice I was just like DAMM, YES PLZ. I sent her over this beat I was working on and that became ‘The Way It Is.’

On top of making the track, you also produced and directed the video. Do you find it easier to carve a cohesive vision this way, or do you sometimes feel there’s too much on your plate?

Nah I love it – I love it all. For some reason my brain just works so much smoother when I have 100 things going at the one time – hence why I make music/photography/film and run a creative media company in Melbourne.

Each part of the puzzle on ‘The Way It Is’ came one step at a time – not on purpose, it just happened that way. First came the music, then the vocals from Kinck came naturally, and then just having a brainstorm on how I can somehow make a film clip on something natural. One that shows something in this world that it’s just simply the way it is and that’s a good, happy content thing – and what better way to show that than through my grandparents.

How did you explain ‘The Way It Is’ to your grandparents? Do they understand dance music?

Haha, oh it was so funny! So first of all when I was explaining what I wanted to do, they were confused because they thought I did “Jim’s mowing but for discos” – I think they meant like a mobile DJ at like home birthdays – So they didn’t understand why I wanted to film them.

Once I explained what I actually do, they then thought I wanted to do some sort of “Burke’s Backyard” and have them speak to the camera to talk about the house and garden and have my Nonna talk about her cooking hahaha… So funny. They ended up understanding that I wanted to show them in their natural element.

Where do you think Airwolf will be in 50 years?

I guess my life would be pretty similar to my grandparents but have more pets. Be quite content in life but maybe live somewhere different – I hope I’m still working when I’m that old, I really hope I never stop working cause I love what I do – Who wouldn’t?

Any artists on your bucket list to photograph?

So many people are doing cool shit at the moment – I have a list of pretty much every artist is Australia, so I guess my bucket list is everybody haha. I think moving forward I want to photograph more series work and a pretty big goal of mine is to one day have a coffee table book of my work – I may or may not be working on something at the moment. ;) ;) ;)

What’s on the cards for Airwolf in 2017?

Currently touring Australia at the moment which has been super fun! Continue working on and putting out music. I want to work on another film clip for myself and possibly work on a coffee table book of my photography work – After eight years of shooting I have A LOT of photos to be shared.

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au March 13, 2017
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