Video Premiere: Have A Psychedelic Boogie With Papa Pilko & The Binrats In ‘Meet In The Middle’
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Sydney’s voodoo bluesmen are back with another hypnotic romper.

Have you caught the cabin fever? Missing getting your live music fix? We certainly are. And watching Papa Pilko & The Binrats’ latest clip makes us miss sinking a coupla beers and watching some rock and roll even more. So thanks for that fellas…

‘Meet In The Middle’ is a typically bluesy jam from the band, complete with sleazy guitar riffs, some epic backing vocals and a swaggeringly funked up rhythm. As per usual the band’s whiskey-soaked, buccaneer frontman Cyrus Pilko delivers a slick performance with his powerful croon leaving us with plenty of tasty earworms.

The clip, which was shot at Mary’s Underground in Sydney, features animal heads and a noirish cabaret as the boys entertain an audience of weirdos and mutants – hey, we’ve all played those kinda shows, right? Director Will Suen and DP Caleb Graham capture the brooding energy of the band nicely, and it’s awesome to see the track, which is our favourite PPBR tune, get the lush video treatment it deserves.

Can you imagine catching this one live?! We’ve spoken to the PPBR boys and they’ve promised they’ll be taking this one on the road as soon as it’s humanly possible. The track is part of what will be a 7″ vinyl along with ‘Know My Name’ – follow them here to keep on top of it.

Words by Harry Webber May 26, 2020
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