Video Premiere: She’s My You Get Emotional And Dark In ‘Relief’ Video
Huge tune.
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The Sydney-based alt-pop band deliver a fittingly powerful and broody video accompaniment to EP standout ‘Relief.’

Those of you who like a splash of darkness or a little bit of mystery served with polished pop production will appreciate what budding indie band She’s My You have achieved in their latest video for ‘Relief,’ which was take from their 2018 debut EP Take What You Feel – the five-piece really know how to hit us right in the feels.

The tune sways effortlessly between tense, ascending verses and huge choruses as singer Toby Anagnostis’ lyrics wrestle with the pitfalls of a dying romance. “’Relief’ was written at the imminent end of a long-term relationship and is about the tension between the need to escape and not being ready to let go. You just want relief from it all.” Toby says.

The band took reigns for the video which features some pristine shots taken whilst Toby was on vacation in 2017. “I was travelling with my brother in-law and we were staying in a really cool Airbnb in Merida, the part of Mexico that he and my sister live in, so we decided to get some footage. His name is Jose Rito Ruacho,” Toby says.

“The female protagonist is a Maldovan/Russian model called Oxana Aculich. She’s a good friend and we decided to get some footage while we were doing a trip down the east coast of Australia. The riot scenes I filmed when I was in Hamburg last year during the G20 summit. None of it was shot with the intention of making a music video for ‘Relief’. It all came together later.”

The group will be playing Sydney and Newcastle shows (info here) in the coming months in support of the single, and if their live performance is anywhere near as powerful and well crafted as ‘Relief,’ it’ll definitely be worth getting down to a show.

Words by Harry Webber June 6, 2018
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