Video Premiere: Skydeck Drop ASMR-Inspired Clip For ‘Solid State’
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Skydeck remain as visually intriguing as they are musically alluring.

Having released their debut LP Eureka Moment on Dinosaur City Records (Aus) and Burger Records (US) back in March, Melbourne duo Skydeck today with return with a shiny new clip for their melancholy-pop number ‘Solid State’. The song, which sways between floating synth-laden verses and an addictively anthemic chorus, is the only track on the album in which they tracked music and vocals at the same time (the record was initially written as an instrumental LP a few years back).

Once again connecting with long-time collaborator Eva Lazzaro, who directed their debut clip for ‘Tourniquet Too’, the video explores the notion of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), incorporating a collage of visuals aimed to elicit a physical response from the viewer. It’s a peculiar but engaging watching, particularly around the 01:40 mark.

“Around the time we made the video, we were all watching and listening to a lot of ASMR. The fact that we were each interested in different branches of ASMR culture made the assembly of the video quite straightforward, piecing together weird replications of what we’d seen on the internet, such as soap cutting and exercise ball deflation, as well as inventing new concepts like bubble blowing and car washing.” Lavarro says of the clip.

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Words by Harry Webber July 9, 2019
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