Video Premiere: Western Sydney Rapper Needham Drops Clip For Latest Single ‘Bout It’
Really 'bout it.
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With each release, Needham is an artist coming into his own.

And we’ve got the visuals to back it up. Just nine months ago, Needham released a clip filmed out the front (and on the lid) of his local pizza joint. Today he’s showing out on a downtown Los Angeles rooftop. In the City of Angels to work on new material, the film clip captures the essence of that trip as the Crooked City rapper says his piece with self-assured flair while channeling Shia LaBeouf steez. It’s a brief change of scenery that seems to have paid dividends. “I’ve been releasing tracks for a while now but I truly believe this is my best work to date. I’ve been trying to get a certain sound for so long and now it’s all come together for this record,” Needham said. 

‘Bout It’ is a matter-of-fact account of Needham’s observations of the rap game and the people around him, as well as a renewal of his own commitment to the craft. On the single, he said, “Throughout my life I’ve met a lot of people who say one thing and do another, promise the world but never follow through. This was my chance to call them out and also telling myself and my crew that I am really ‘Bout It’ and I’m in this for the long haul.” Check out the premiere for ‘Bout It’ below, and keep an ear to the ground for more new music on the way from Needham:

Words by Declan Whelan September 18, 2019
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