Video Premiere: World Champion Drop Funky Psych-Disco Jam ‘Callisto’
It's a genre, we swear!
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The Sydney indie rockers are back with another mouth-watering taste from their forthcoming EP.

Fans of galactic-funk outfit World Champion rejoice. Today the trio are hitting you with new dates, a brand new tune, and a spooky visual accompaniment. That’s right, we now have ‘Callisto’ – which follows on from last year’s ‘Gun’ – the second single from their highly anticipated follow up to 2015’s Avocado Galaxy.

Co-produced by Bag Raiders, the tune feels like something you’d be getting down to a roller disco hosted by David Bowie – there’s no shortage of danceability but it’s also melodically lush and absorbing. It showcases the trio’s effortless ability to tread the commercial/credible tightrope without breaking a sweat.

Set in a daunting mansion that is filled with velvet couches, renaissance style paintings, clocks, and starey oddballs, the clip is a fittingly entrancing collage of visuals. You’re not really sure whose side you’re on (if any) but you have some sort of emotional stake in the game:

To celebrate the launch of ‘Callisto’ World Champion will be hitting the road the following dates (Facebook events here):


Saturday, 16 March – RCC FRINGE, Adelaide
Friday, 29 March – Golden Age Cinema, Sydney
Saturday, 19 April – Bad Friday, Marrickville
Thursday, 16 May – Strawberry Boogie, Wollongong

Words by Harry Webber March 8, 2019
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