Watch: Big Sean Makes Levitating Look Easy In Video For ‘ZTFO’
So relaxed.
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Sean’s on fire…

Big Sean continues the hype for his chart-topping album Detroit 2, dropping a stellar music video for his groove-laden track ‘ZTFO’. The video sees Sean employee some super-zen visuals as the video has him (and all of his possessions) effortlessly levitating throughout its two-minute runtime, matching the ease with which Sean floats atop that killer beat.

The end of the visual sees Sean slowly completing his journey into pure-zen, slowly transforming into a burst of light as he leaves the physical world and heads to the celestial plane. It’s a really cool and seamless way to end the vid, with the camera panning to a bird flying high into the sky as the beat fades out. The tune also features some dope Travis Scott ad-libs throughout, used in the perfect amount to not at all distract from Sean, but just enough to add a little spice to the whole snack of a tune.

If this is the house where Sean lives, all I can say is I am super down for his next house party (whenever that is in the distant future). Regardless, the video is sick, and matches the chill, wavy nature of the song just perfectly. Check it out below.

September 18, 2020
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