Watch: Kanye West Releases Faith-Heavy Presidential Campaign Ad
Yeezy's still got hope.
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The most Kanye ad…

Between Trump getting diagnosed with COVID-19 and wild AF insults being hurled across debate floors, one would think Kanye West is fully out of the Presidential picture, his White House aspirations dashed as the election for the next President of the United States takes place in about three weeks. But this is Yeezy we’re talking about, and until it’s over, he’s not gonna give it up.

The platinum-selling artist has now released a new presidential campaign ad for his campaign, staying true to Yeezy’s religious emphasis as he stresses the important of faith and religion, passionately preaching with a black and white American flag behind him. The ad as a whole is surprisingly patriotic, interspersed with various families and beautiful landscapes to really capture the defining principles America was founded on.

It’s definitely a unique ad, and it’ll be interesting to see the reaction it generates in voting booths across the nation. Check it out below.

October 13, 2020
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