Watch Migos Cook An Actual ‘Stir Fry’ While Performing ‘Stir Fry’
Promotional game on lock.
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Say what you want about Migos, but their promo game is pretty darn slick.

Following the release of the ‘Stir Fry’ video in January, Migos have followed it up by teaming up with Tasty for another video where they actually cook a stir fry. While the Atlanta trappers were actually talking about cooking crack with the “wrist twstin like a stir fry,” that doesn’t seem to bother Offset, Quavo and Takeoff as they serve up a plentiful amount of vegetables, noodles and protein like true professionals.

There’s some tantalising close-ups of broccoli, there seems to be adequate seasoning, and Migos even manage to keep their rhythm while performing and cooking at the same damn time. Also, shouts to Offset for wearing an obnoxious Gucci top underneath his apron.

While Migos probably spent a tonne of money filming the original video for the Pharrell-produced ‘Stir Fry,’ there’s no doubt that this is the superior video – and proof that sometimes, the simple ideas are really the most effective. More Migos cooking shows please:


Words by Christopher Kevin Au February 9, 2018
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