Watch: Tash Sultana Kills It On ‘The Late Show Starring Stephen Colbert’
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Doing us proud…

Multi-instrumental wonder Tash Sultana is a proper force in the musical world, bringing their signature-brand of roots and soul in all of its overflowing wonder and intoxication. They can do literally anything they set their mind to, and their latest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s #PlayAtHome series is nothing short of spectacular.

Performing their just released groove-infused hit ‘Beyond the Pine’ from upcoming sophomore album Terra Firma, the homegrown star gets their multi-instrumentalist on as they treat American audiences to a properly immersive experience, the likes of which us Aussies have been privileged enough to witness at local festivals and live shows. From kick drums to keyboards to guitars and magnetic vocals, Tash treats the world to an absolute masterclass in musical layering, and by the time the tracks are laid, true bliss emanates, and it’s bloody beautiful.

It’s really cool to see Tash continue to kill it on the world stage, and no doubt they’ll continue on their quest to world domination when Terra Firma eventually drops. Check the full performance below.


September 11, 2020
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