Wu-Tang Clan Launch ‘Protect Ya Hands’ Hand Sanitizer
Gotta get me some of this.
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Image via Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Hulu

The Wu is back and they’re helping the needy.

It seemed like only the other day The RZA was dropping his guided meditation EP, but once again the legendary Staten Island rapper, along with the other remaining members of the Wu-Tang Clan, have released another surprising product.
Introducing the ‘Protect Ya Hands’ hand sanitizer, made in conjunction with Jusu, which is a 100% plant-based and has a citrus scent. For every bottle purchased, a bottle will be donated to the Ottawa Mission Foundation and other homeless centres in Canada.

A tee-shirt and reusable bowl are also included in the collection and are available online at the 36 Chambers store. Also if you haven’t watched Wu-Tang: An American Saga yet, do yourself a favour and get into while you’re still locked down~


May 21, 2020
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