Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ Is Now A Children’s Book
ATTN: All good parents.
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One of Kanye West’s more iconic tracks will be modified for the toddler generation, with illustrator Zak Tebbal taking it upon himself to reinterpret ‘Bound 2’.

Titled ‘Bound 2gether’, the book uses cute illustrations and pastel backdrops to turn the Yeezus anthem into a learning experience about true love.

“The translation of ‘Bound 2′ into a children’s book felt appropriate because the only audience that Kanye isn’t reaching right now is toddlers, and they are missing out on some of the important life lessons that Kanye has to offer. As a big Kanye fan, I felt the need to fill this void,” Tebbal said.

Who knows – maybe Kanye himself will grab a copy for baby North West. If you consider yourself a good parent, or plan on having kids in the future, you should probably give your kids something that really speaks to this generation: Bound 2gether. All hail Lord Yeezus.

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May 14, 2015
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