Canon Launches The Revolutionary New EOS R System
Game changer.
Photography 9m

More than 30 years after introducing the world to their era-defining EOS, Canon have once again reimagined photography with the EOS R System.

With the intense popularity and accessibility of photography in all its forms these days, it undoubtedly takes revolutionary steps to change the way we think about the artform, which has been around for centuries. Once again, the world’s most iconic camera company, Canon, is at the forefront of technology with the launch of their EOS R System.

The list of incredible features of the EOS R are way too long to mention, but some of the standout factors that blew our mind are; four lenses offering combinations of quality, speed and functionality that were previously impossible; three newly-developed lens adapters allowing the EOS R System to inherit all existing system advantages, including full compatibility with existing EF; and, it’s also the first camera body to carry the EOS R name and RF lens mount.

Take a breath and relax, all of this will be available October 9th. Head here for more info (and there’s a lot more) and check out what can be done with Canon’s EOS R System in the video below:

Words by Harry Webber September 7, 2018