Best Dunks of the NBA Summer League
A dunk diary of the best throw downs so far.
Top 10 4y

With greater and greater selection pools to pick from each year, no doubt the NBA rookie draft has gotten more and more exciting each time around. More international players are getting drafted and players are being discovered outside of universities too, from street courts to internet videos. With greater selection options, NBA teams are increasingly getting rookies that are more skilful and imaginative with their abilities than their previously drafted counter-parts.

This years Summer League has provided and outlet for show casing the abilities of all these new picks, today we count down the top 10 put-backs, full court breaks, and full force slams that have made this years Summer League more exciting than any before.

1. July 10th, TimberWolves v. Lakers – Zach LaVine

LaVine who is actually a 2014 draft pick, was chosen 13th overall in last seasons pick. Above, Connecting with a beautiful no-looker puts LaVine in at no. 1 on our list.

2. July 12th, Wizards v. Mavericks – Kelly Oubre Jr.

The 15th overall pick, with a full court break and text book jam, fresh hair cut too.

3. July 11th, Spurs v. Knicks – Jonathan Simmons

Spurs Alumni Simmons get through heavy traffic for a showtime, posterizing slam.

4. July 10th, Warriors v. Cavaliers – James Michael McAdoo

GSW PF Aaron Craft alley-oop to James Michael McAdoo for the two hand stuff down on the heads of 2 Cavs players.

5. July 10th, TimberWolves v. Lakers – Jordan Clarkson

Lakers 23yo Jordan Clarkson catches some serious hang-time for the put back flush.

6. July 11th, Lakers v. Sixers – Larry Nance Jr.

Nance Jr flying through traffic for a GIANT put back, proving white men can jump… and fly.

7. July 12th, Mavericks v. Trailblazers – Satnam Singh

The first Indian born pro-baller, standing at over 7ft proves his mobility inside.

8. July 6th, Magic v. Thunder – Mario Hezonja

The 5th overall pick putting down the hammer, repin’ the Magic and Serbia simultaneously.

9. July 4th, Pistons v. Magic – Stanley Johnson

8th over all pick by the Pistons, Stanley Johnson receives a timely alley and finishes with a soft-touch.

10. July 10th, Kings v. Raptors – Gursimran “Sim” Bhullar

The Canadian/Indian 7 foot 3 Centre showing he is up for the task.

July 14, 2015