Playlist: Nirvana
Ten songs to get you through the week.
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20 years ago, Kurt Cobain left us. 20 years ago the world lost the lead man in one of the most famed grunge bands to ever form.

At the end of 2014, Kurt Cobain “The Last Session” by Jesse Frohman was on show at the Blender Gallery in Sydney, that was enough to remind and re ignite the the love I once had for the rock legends.

Stream 10 of their songs right now to get you through the week, beginning with Territorial Pissings. Scroll to bottom for RDIO play list.

Territorial Pissings (Live at Reading 1992)

About a Girl (MTV Unplugged)

Lithium (Live at Reading 1992)

Rape Me (Live And Loud Rehearsal/Seattle/1993)

Lake of Fire (MTV Unplugged)



Smells Like Teen Spirit


Stay Away (Live at Reading 1992)



Words by Mitch Ross February 18, 2015
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