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Everyone’s favourite summer beer company Corona Extra are offering readers and drinkers a once-in-a-life-time trip to a literally deserted island with nine of your closest mates, the opportunity poses the age old question – just who would you take? Life Without Andy has put together our dream list of models, musicians, bloggers, surfers and designers that’d we’d gladly get stuck alongside on the remote Namotu Island, Fiji. Including five reasons we’d take food bloggers, The Bookery Cook.

The Bookery Cook is the globe-spanning and startlingly clever project of three sisters, Jess, Maxine and Georgie. Starting out as simply as a family who loved flavours and food in the Sunshine Coast, they used their passion for creating recipes, love of art and the perfect kitchen soundtrack to put together a cook book that combined all three. Launching in 2013, The Bookery Cook brought together their family recipes with artists and illustrators from around the world interpreting each item from their mouth-watering menu. Since then they frequently update their blog with everything from marbled ravioli, glittered oysters to the perfect menu for the World Cup Semi-final and have just launched a quarterly journal of recipes named ‘Palate‘. Combined with their Instagram capturing their travels in search of the perfect eats, their tips for pre-dance floor snacks and knowledge of how to make alcohol from the bush, these sisters would be the perfect food bloggers to take to a deserted island. Or trap in your kitchen for a week.

1. They’d feed you. 

Like most foodies, The Bookery Cook’s founders love to show off their skills. Coming up with the idea for their recipe book at a dinner party they were throwing in a share house of artists and students in Brisbane. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or rustling up a casual meal for Flying Lotus, these are the girls you want making your dinner on a tropical island. 

2. You’ll leave the island with way more cooking $kills. 

Alongside their recipes The Bookery Cook present their food in illustrated ways, commission intriguing artists from across the globe – definitely an unforgettable way to remember what exactly goes in that peach shortbread tart.

3. Celebrating holidays in style. 

Whether its 4th of July pulled pork buns or a Christmas roast, you’ll be celebrating every possible holiday on the island with themed meals. 

4. Cooking with style.

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The Bookery Cook are about style ~ substance – if you’re eating a banquet on a tropical island, you know you want to look good in the instagram shots.

5. Dinner for eleven.

Just in case you do win Corona Extra’s epic competition, you and nine of your friends don’t want to go hungry. The Bookery Cook specialise in cooking food that not only looks incredible – but you’ll be able to back for seconds…

June 17, 2015