Who Would You Take to A Deserted Island? : The Yoga Instructor
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Everyone’s favourite summer beer company Corona Extra are offering readers and drinkers a once-in-a-life-time trip to a literally deserted island with nine of your closest mates, the opportunity poses the age old question – just who would you take? Life Without Andy has put together our dream list of models, musicians, bloggers, surfers and designers that’d we’d gladly get stuck alongside on the remote Namotu Island, Fiji. Starting with the Top 5 reasons we’d invite Yoga Instructor Amanda Bisk.

It’s not surprising that this exercise physiologist and qualified Yoga instructor boasts over 362,000 followers on her Instagram. Not only will she teach you the perfect salute to the sun (see above… we think) but she is a former Australian pole vaulter champion, occasional swim and sportswear model, but she simply radiates positive vibes.

1. You’ve been putting off learning Yoga HOW LONG?

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Imagine leaving your desert island holiday with this kind of strength and flexibility? As a qualified instructor Amanda will be able to teach you the basics and have you looking like a pro doing a ‘pigeon pose’ in no time – in fact, she’s only been learning for the last three years. 

2. She’s down with some R&R. 

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One of Amanda’s frequent Instagram tips is “Rest, Recover, Revitalise” – she’d enjoy that perfect beach sunset with you.

3. Desert Island food/drink skills.

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We all know from Lord of the Flies that deserted islands don’t exactly have Menulog. With Amanda’s coconut skills and knowledge of healthy eats you’ll be eating and drinking in style.

4. She’s incredibly inspiring. 

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Those who follow Amanda on Instagram will be familiar with the inspiring quotes and before-and-after shots she posts alongside her stunning photos of seemingly impossible poses. Motivation as well as her genuine attitude make Amanda the perfect company, even if it’s just on social media.

5. She’s no stranger to the sun. 

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This Sydney-dweller is not likely to be that annoying friend that you once backpacked with who complained about every slight change in temperature – her frequent shoots are at hidden beaches across NSW and she manages to stay glamorous in every single one.

June 15, 2015