Contiki Adventures: Athens
Exploring the streets with Sahara Ray & Alana Pallister.
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From in-depth exploring missions to party cruises Contiki takes all the hassle out of a holidays, with their tailored group trips with other young people – offering you a tour guide with local know-how, planning your journey, transfers and flights ahead of time – meaning you don’t have to worry about anything – just relax and enjoy your getaway. And where better to start than the historic and culture capital of Greece Athens? Staff photographer Luke Latty was invited along on their ‘Spotlight on Greece’ tour to escape the Sydney winter to the stunning spring in Europe, the lucky bastard. The company doesn’t look bad either.

“Every now and again it hits you how awesome your job is and when I got a call saying “Yo we’re going to need you to go around Europe with a bunch of legends and babes on a special edition Contiki trip”. Luke tells us. “I have to say life was looking pretty good! The trip took me on an amazing tour of the city of Athens, the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos and then finally to Istanbul in Turkey. I met the rest of the group at the Airport in Sydney, we made our quick intros and set off on the 24 hour journey to the other side of the world all super stoked on the amazing sights and experiences that awaited us! So it begins, the first stop of the trip Athens, Greece!”


Golden skies over Athens with buildings as far as you can see.


Cheers to the first night of the trip!


The girls plus Jimmy stoked to get going on taking in the sights on day one!


A man sketching the Temple of Zeus.


Alana Pallister looking fresh at the Temple of Zeus.


Changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


A Greek soldier marching down the streets of Athens in traditional dress.


Benny Tipene gets all the birds.


Sahara finally arrives and meets up with the crew, better late than never! Alana and her take in the view over the city.


Athens looking fresh.


The Erechtheion – yeah, I had to double take on that name too.


Alana and Sahara having a laugh between sightseeing.


Alana channeling her inner greek goddess in front of the Erechtheion.


Sahara being a babe featuring the Parthenon.


Inside perspective of the Propylaea.


Sahara, Alana and the Propylaea.


The Acropolis was awesome now time to see the rest of the city.


Sahara and Alana overlooking the city of Athens.


Cruising the back streets of Athens with Sahara Ray.


Alana and Sahara with this local lord. He couldn’t speak a word of English but was so stoked he went and got someone to translate and invite us to his house for lunch.


Street performers laying down some traditional greek beats while we grab a much needed feed to refuel.


Moussaka, slow cooked lamb and a greek salad. These guys know how to eat.


No matter how old you are everyone still loves a balloon.


Crowded streets of modern day Athens overlooked by Acropolis Hill.


I made a new friend, he’s called Otis.


Benny Tipene and Jimmy Niggles of ‘Beard Season’ keeping fresh with the local popo

Photos by June 10, 2015
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