Artist Kim Hyunji Captures Youth In Release
Ephemera opens this Wednesday
Mad Love 9m

Raised in South Korea, Artist Kim Hyunji has been making waves in the Australia art scene. Exhibiting at some of Australia’s most notable galleries, Kim finally makes her way to Sydney for her upcoming solo exhibition Ephemera.

Primarily working in portraitures, Kim renders her subjects to life with a blend of photo realism and hyper expressionism. Starting out by mainly painting her friends, Kim’s work blossomed into an exploration of the concerns and uncertainties of her contemporaries. Her most recent body of work deals with the youth’s obsession with social media and how that interrelates with identity and persona.

For Ephemera, Kim aims at capturing the transient nature of adulation and ecstasy:

”Kim Hyunji’s latest series of work attempts to explore notions of the temporal, the fleeting disarray and moments of pure euphoria, as achieved briefly through the use of drugs. The Paintings capture their subjects in singular states of intense self-reflection and exaltation, still in the midst attached to their utensils and tools used to enter a state of absence of mind. The works ability to convey what cannot be described or captured in those long seconds in between thought and action. The attuned reality of the compositions paired with Kim’s sense of expressive abstraction evokes sentiments permeated through millennial’s culture of anxiety, and disarray a thematic element underlying Kim’s practice.”

Ephemera opens this Wednesday at Goodspace (115 Regent St, Chippendale), from 6pm.

Further details can be found here, Follow Kim @kimkimkimxx


July 10, 2018
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