Mad Love: Chris Yee
Ryde's favourite son.
Tiger Beer Presents
Words by Andrew Yee June 10, 2020

If you’re gonna do it big, who else are you going to call besides the prince of Sydney art Chris Yee?

Chris Yee is an artist whose style sits chaotically between the worlds of post-apocalyptic manga, gritty rap, pro-wrestling and k-pop. Growing up in  Ryde, Yee’s wild imagination soared over the suburban streets and crimson bricked houses, leading him to decade long career as one of Australia’s most boundary pushing artists.

Never one to settle into a comfort zone, he has been able to create an eccentric body of work, including black and white illustration, bombastic animations and awe-inspiring murals. From Justin Bieber’s latest music video to heritage walls in Chinatown, you can find the Ryde wunderkind’s work everywhere!

Thanks to Tiger Beer for hooking is up with some ice cold brews to sip on while chatted about art! Follow Chris Yee @yeetheeast and find his work here.