Illustrated Interview: Adam Kinninmont
Gritty urban landscapes brought to life
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Bringing the raw energy and textures of the street into fine illustration, artist Adam Kinninmont has his artistic eye set where others overlook.

The Melbourne-based artist originally focussed his work on graffiti and street art before steering himself towards fine arts and illustration. His older works showed a flare for appropriating vintage comics and cartoon characters into surreal landscapes, fixing themselves firmly in the visuals of low brow art.

Now his most recent body of work, Utopia, gives way to a more literal interpretation of urban landscapes. His latest works depict crumbling buildings decorated with over-sprawling flora, scatterings of cheeky graffiti, and gritty concrete sidewalks. His signature use of pens and markers illustrate these meticulous details with hyper fluorescent colours. It’s an innovative combination of aesthetics not usually seen and associated with urban degradation, but it is made coherent through Kinninmount’s keen eye.

We asked the man himself about his work, his dream car and the best advice for up and coming artists.

More info on Adam can be found here.

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September 12, 2018
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