Illustrated Interview: Gerald Leung & His ‘Brutal Brack Metal’ Gang
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By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee //

Gerald Leung (aka Brackmetal) started a gang.

A knife wielding, gun slinging, smoke squatting, monster headed, occult worshipping gang. Unlike most gangs (I would bet) this one was birthed in the crazy and enigmatic mind of Hong Kong-born, Sydney-based artist Gerald Leung.

Gerald Leung is renowned for his bold illustrations of his infamous ‘Brutal Brack Metal’ gang, a collection of characters that Gerald has brought to life with the use of graphite, ink, and screen tone sheets. Looking at each one of his incredibly detailed illustrations, you can see that Gerald lives and breathes his love for anime, comics, fashion and pop culture. He’s created a world that you could find yourself in, if you took a simple misstep and tumbled down the wrong pitch ‘brack’ rabbit hole.

So shouts out to Gerald! And if you ever run into the Brutal Brackmetal gang, just give em your wallet and pray they don’t beat the snot outta you:

. 100. Mad Son Join the Hammer Club! 🔨 #BRUTALBRACKMETAL

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March 15, 2018
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