Illustrated Interview: Holy Krak
It's all in the details!
Mad Love 1y

In a world where art, in its mainstream form is highly visible on digital platforms – ‘likes’ as a show of appreciation and machined reproductions – it is becoming more and more niche to see something made from scratch and exhibited in its raw and tangibly crafted form; art produced with nothing more than two hands and a wild imagination.

Russian artist Polina Perova’s (aka Holy Krak) intricate embroidered works evoke the best of DIY culture. Detailing the kitsch and macabre in her pieces, she is able weave together beautifully decorative patterns with an often sly sense of playfulness. Whether it be a rose, a unicorn head or borderline photo realistic portrait of a shaggy collie, each piece is a showcase of the labour intensive nature of embroidery.

So shout outs to Polina! For more info on her and her works, check out here and here!



July 17, 2018
Editors Pick