Illustrated Interview: Lauren YS And Her Aquatic, Alien Creations
The infinite escapist.
Mad Love 11m

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee //

To dive into the mind of artist Lauren YS would be only comparable to a deep plunge to the bottom of the ocean.

You know, the ones that James Cameron used to undertake in small souped up submarine. While down there, you might see something stunning, something dreamlike, and something that you have to twist your head to look at, and you’d definitely also see a few squids too.

Lauren is a self-described ‘infinite escapist.’ She draws just as much inspiration from Area 51 as she does ancient Chinese artefacts. Her work is just as likely to contain women draped in intricately designed kimonos, as they are to have giant alien squid heads. Renowned for her illustrations, paintings and larger than life murals, her work has taken her around the world, having exhibited and painted her beautifully surreal creations from London to Vienna, and even right here in Sydney!

So shouts out to Lauren YS! Check out our illustrated interview with the talent here:

March 21, 2018
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