Illustrated Interview: SNZLMZ aka Aiden Ruddle
Just a calm, squiggly, lil dude!
Mad Love 6m

To say artist SNZLMZ aka Aiden Ruddle ‘likes cartoons’, would be a fantastically huge understatement.

Based in Queensland, Ruddle lives and breathes the bold, clean and colourful imagery found within the pages of graphic novels and in framed celluloid, drawing inspiration from the irreverent and bombastic images that he immersed himself in growing up. Whether it be the Simpsons, or Donald Duck, or even characters of  the 3-dimensional realm such as Crash Bandicoot, from the 90’s early 2000’s, all that was animated and exciting to the eye translated to Ruddle’s layered work, always attempting to infuse the same type of cartoon-ish surrealism. A perfect example bring his latest creation, the sly and devilish LMZ’s.

As an artist, Ruddle has been able to translate his ideas and aesthetics into a range of mediums including prints, pins, patches and badges. With no stop in sight, Ruddle seems set on world domination, likely akin to the cartoon-ish and ecstatically hilarious kind.

We caught up with the man himself in the only way to do justice to his style and body of work… in an illustrated interview!

Find more info here. Follow @snzlmz

December 4, 2018
Editors Pick