Illustrated Interview: Sydney Legend Ben Brown & His Band Of Skulls
Mad Love 11m

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee //

Some things will always be forever.

Mondays will always suck, wrestling will always be real (to me!) and additional avocado will always be over-priced… and last but not least, artist Ben Brown will always pump out new and crazy works.

Ben Brown is a cornerstone of Sydney illustration. Born, raised and based out of the Manly beaches, Ben has become one of Australia’s most prolific and stylistically recognisable artists, with his work littered with snickering skulls, skin tearing off bones, and zombified pop culture icons.

Ben renders his work to life with psychedelic colours and clean line work, often calling back to his surf/skate/ punk rock influences. To count all the artist who have been influenced by Ben’s work over the years would take a Alan Turing-like super computer; crunching numbers, cracking codes and coming up with a number that has a decimal point for some reason. What I’m saying is, it would be a lot.

We asked Big Ben Brown some questions about his career, some of his favourite artists and what meal deserves the illustrious title of ‘THE BEN BROWN.’ So shout outs to Ben! The man, the myth, the legend:

It’s the weekend – go nuts on the gut rot… #drawing #zombiepunkrocker

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April 10, 2018
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