Illustrated Interview: The High Fantasy & Surrealist Horror Of Skinner
Talking nuggets and lapdances with the Californian artist.
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By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee

Brutal giants, melting faces, razor sharp teeth, interstellar skyscrapers and a heavy dose of psychedelic colours are all a part of the meticulously drawn world of Skinner.

Based out of Oakland, California, Skinner has exhibited his high fantasy, surrealist horror inspired art across the world. He’s been celebrated in acclaimed art publications such as Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose, and is credited as one of the most prolific and defining artists of the better part of the last decade.

We got to talk to Skinner about his work, eating contests and cat lap dances. Not only did he answer our questions, he crushed them down, chewed them up and spat them back at us! Shout outs to Skinner Рthe man, the myth, the legend!

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That shitty screen is brutal, looks so dumb on the mouth. OH WELL THATS HOW A COOKIE CRUMBLES, HAHAHA

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@bananapoons LORD OF THE BARBEQUE!

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September 27, 2017
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