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2018 is an exciting and engaging time to be an artist.

In a day and age where an artist can inhabit various roles – specialists; freelancers, designers, digital architects, and even public relations experts, it’s rare to see an individual truly embodying and living the term ‘renaissance’. Sydney-based creative Yaw Obeng Jr. is exactly that. As a photographer, musician and filmmaker, Yaw ties together his wide variety of creative pursuits with coherent flare and style that bleeds into the each body of work.

Ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition ‘Yaw Does It All’ we asked the man himself a few questions about what drives him to do all the above.

1. For your upcoming solo exhibition “Yawdoesitall”  you presenting works either produced or featuring yourself.   What has inspires you to work across so many different mediums?

The love of art is definitely what keeps me going. I found myself learning so much from all these mediums and instead of choosing one, I decided to do it all. I mean why not.

2. How do you feel being a photographer helps you being on the other side of the camera?

Photography has basically made me learn how to act right infront of a camera. I think it’s pretty cool when you have knowledge of what’s been done behind the scenes just like music production.


3.What do you think is the current mind set of young Sydney artists and creatives?

I think the current mindset for us is that, there’s hope and we all stand a chance in reaching our goals. I’ve watched so many talents go to waste and seeing new creatives who are pushing art and the culture and dedicating their time to make this happen makes me happy. I think we definitely got something for the world.

4. Currently you are tackling several different mediums at once, if you had time to pick up one more what would it be?

Probably Music. I think i’ll hate myself if I had to stop doing it.


Yawdoesitall opens tonight at Goodspace (115 Regent St, Chippendale), from 6pm.

Follow Yaw @yaw.doesitall and @yawshoots

Find out more info here.

July 25, 2018
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