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If ever there was a time that we needed Magnum, it’s now.

Picture this: you’re vegan, it’s summer, and everyone around you is enjoying delicious ice creams. What do you do? It’s a terrible dilemma, especially considering how disgustingly hot it has been in Sydney lately. Well, it’s now a problem of the past, with Magnum’s new dairy-free classic and dairy-free almond flavours – and isn’t that something worth celebrating?

Last night we followed our taste buds out to Fonda in Bondi for the launch of Magnum’s brand new vegan ice cream range, which was the perfect way to reward ourselves after a long hot day at work. Check out all the action in the gallery above, and go out and get yourself a vegan Magnum (or a million) today:

Photos by Jack Bennett February 8, 2019
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