TwentyFour: Alex Midler
A day with the young skate hero in California.
TwentyFour 2y

Since stepping onto his first skateboard at 3 years old, it’s been a rapid ascent for Alex Midler.

From attending skate camps and building plastic ramps in his backyard as a child, to getting his first sponsorship at the tender age of 8, to competing in the X Games back in 2015, Alex’s future is blindingly bright – but he’s still humble as ever, despite the world-class skills he’s acquired in his relatively short time spent on Earth.

We spent a day with Alex in Los Angeles to work through some of his favourite skate spots, but also to switch boards and jump into the ocean for a quick surf session, proving that the sky really is the limit with Alex. What’s he gonna do next? We’re not sure, and that makes it all the more exciting:

Video by Ryan Neddeau // @weroguesc

Photos by Mitch Tomlinson January 15, 2018
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