A Festival Called “We’re All Going To Die” Wants To Change Your Life This November
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How about this for a dose of truth on this lovely Friday morning?

We’re All Going To Die might not follow the same ‘sunshine & lollipops’ mantra of other festivals, but it’s one that just might change your approach to life. The brainchild of local creative (and sometimes LWA collaborator) Stefan Hunt, it’s a “100% independent arts festival that uses death to shift our perspective on fear, and the role it plays in all our lives.”

Gathering artists from around the world to explore the concept of death at Commune in Sydney, the festival aims to inspire its attendees to follow one simple mantra: Fear less, live more. Based on Stefan’s own battles with anxiety, the festival will provide instillations, performances and panels to allow youths to discuss and confront their greatest fears in a creative manner.

The event is awfully close to happening in Sydney next month – the crew have set up a Kickstarter page to cover the costs of the project, which you can join here. They’re already one third of the way to their $30,000 target in less than 24 hours, which tells us that We’re All Going To Die is an event that Sydney youths need on November 17.

See the lineup below, and help make We’re All Going To Die happen next month!

Words by Christopher Kevin Au October 6, 2017
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