Banksy’s Artistic Journey Laid Out In New Book
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One of the greatest artists of our generation…

If you’re at all intrigued by Banksy and the boundary-breaking art he churns out, keep reading, as a new hardcover book Banksy: You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat and if You Were Not You Would Know About that lays out his artistic journey has just been released. The book’s 248 pages features a collection of photography highlighting his iconic works, from his early graffiti in the British town of Bristol in the late 1990s to his Seasons Greetings piece, which was revealed on Christmas Day in 2018.

Along with photographs, detailed descriptions are included to help readers understand the context behind the artworks, so even if you’re not the biggest of fans, you’ll be able to appreciate the specifics and nuances of each of the works. The book also highlights the British street artist’s self destructing Love is in the Bin artwork, which has been described as “the first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction.” Adding on, paintings and sculptures from The Walled Off Hotel, Basquiat-inspired artworks and new works from Gaza and New York are also included in the 248 pages.

No doubt this will be a properly detailed collection that will do justice to the once in a lifetime artist, and will do true justice to the creative spirit that has permeated his everlasting artistic career. You can cop it from Amazon here.




July 27, 2020
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