BoJack Horseman Season 5 Trailer Is Here And Our Hero Is Still A Work In Progress
*Groans existentially*
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For many if us BoJack Horseman is an anxiety inducing program. Sure there’s plenty to laugh about, but it’s a weird experience rooting for a character that you know is only moments away from fucking everything up. It’s like you want him to have a few ‘wins’ but you can feel he is always just around the corner from a relapse, and it (ironically) makes for addictive watching.

Today we have the Season 5 trailer and, while it looks like there’s some interesting storylines; a new show for BoJack, a new haircut for Diane, and a dildo-wielding robot for Todd, it seems like it will be picking up right where it left off. And we will watch on with ‘can’t-look-away’ trainwreck mentality just as we have for the past four seasons.

While we can’t say (for certain) that it’s all going to go wrong for BoJack this season, we can definitely say that there’ll still be plenty of laughs on the comedy/drama. Season 5 of BoJack Horseman will be hitting Netflix in September 14th, so add it to your binge calendar now.

Words by Harry Webber September 5, 2018
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