Brace Yourselves: Human Bowling Is Coming To Sydney
With free pizza and alcohol? Okay.
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Ever wanted to cover yourself in oil and hurl yourself down a narrow passage towards a formation of pins? We have some great news for you!

Everyone remembers playing bumper bowling for childhood birthday parties. Now imagine that, except that you’re loaded with alcohol and you become the bowling ball. Human bowling is the sport that we need and deserve, and it’s coming to Sydney next month! As noted by Concrete Playground, when this concept hit Melbourne, “participants suited up in padded yellow jumpsuits, oiled themselves up, then slid down lanes coated in plastic and doused in more oil. In other words: it’s really more like an indoor slip ‘n’ slide in a bowling alley than really rolling down towards the pins, but it still sounds ridiculous.”

Did somebody say slip ‘n’ slide? This day just keeps getting better. It’s all going down on March 15 at┬áStrike King Street Wharf, where there will also be free pizza and free vodka red bulls (key words: free, vodka) plus the chance to win a $5000 prize, presumably for how well you can manoeuvre yourself while covered in oil. Your life skills will be put to the test.

But (and when it’s this good, there is always a ‘but’) human bowling won’t be open to absolutely everybody – you have to sign up here and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll secure one of ten spots to participate. You can see a trailer for the event below, it looks very yellow and kinda weird. But we’re keen! What a nice time:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au March 1, 2018
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