BYO Cup Day: Remembering The Time Dune Rats Used Bongs To Drink Slurpees
Head down to your local 7-Eleven today.
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Today marks BYO Cup Day once more, where you can drag your sorry ass into a 7-Eleven and drink as much Slurpee as your cup will allow for just one dollar.

With such a generous promotion only taking place for one day, it’s no surprise that people have been taking full advantage of the offer and seeing how far they can push the rules. Over the years we’ve seen people fill traffic cones, backpacks and even kiddie pools with iced treats – so this year, they’ve implemented a maximum 23cm (width) x 26cm (height) cup rule. Bit of a bummer, but you can still get enough Slurpee to give you permanent brain freeze.

Three years ago, the lads from Dune Rats showed us their creativity on BYO Cup Day, bringing a bong to 7-Eleven as their cup of choice. Can you really be surprised? After all, this is the band who dropped an ode to Mary Jane titled ‘Scott Green.

7-Eleven will be giving out $10,000 in prizes to the most creative entrants this year, so take a pic of your unorthodox cup, chuck it up on Instagram with the hashtag #BYOCUPDAY, and you just might win big. However, it’s gonna be hard to top Dune Rats’ effort:

February 28, 2018
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